Royal House

Many of our projects revolve around our clients’ evolving phases of life. We’re often helping plan for a future with children or, in the case of the Royal House, grandchildren! Our clients have a great house in a great location, backed up against a beautiful natural area. Not the kind of place that’s easily replicated. 

The kids are grown and they looked at downsizing, but you just can’t find another location like this in Portland easily or affordably. The decision was made to stay. 

Built 40 years ago, the house has some great details (the stone fireplace!) and only required a few grand gestures. Eliminating the dividing walls between the living room, dining room and kitchen improved the public area- rearranging the primary bedroom, bathroom and closet was the second, especially getting rid of the carpet in the bathroom. 

The redesign is crafted for another 40 years and another generation of enjoyment.

Photo Credit: Blackstone Edge