House of the Valley

A once in a lifetime project. This one started out as a fairly simple addition for my oldest brother and his wife, who I’ve known since junior high. After raising four children in a small house, they had decided to stay put and make some improvements rather than relocate. The surprises started when we began structural demo. We discovered mold and dry rot so extensive that we were forced to tear the house down and start from scratch. Imagine the trauma- one day you have a perfectly good house (so you think) and the next day you have a foundation. 

After recovering from the shock and assessing our options, we agreed to proceed with a new house design, using the existing foundation. We came up with a design that we loved and began construction. 

My brother passed away unexpectedly during the project, a shock to the entire family. We were so far into construction at that point that we had to proceed with the build. Needless to say, the project took on a new significance and urgency.

This home was designed by family, for family. I hope that generations of our family will continue to enjoy the space we created together. I wish my brother could’ve seen it.

Photo Credit: Scott DW Smith/ ImageSmith Photo