Within five minutes of our first phone call with these clients, I knew we’d be working together and it would be amazing. Every once in a while, you just know. It’s like love at first sight and it’s beautiful.

Barkheaven is a sanctuary in the hills of Oregon wine country. Make no mistake, hard work happens here. It’s not easy to maintain acreage in the land of moss and blackberries. 

This was a very unassuming split level farmhouse built in the 1970’s with a 1990’s addition making things even more confusing. First, we balanced out the off-kilter window locations on the exterior, replaced all the windows and gave it a fresh paint job. Then, we overhauled the interior from stem to stern, no surface was left untouched. It’s a classy redneck, able to handle the wear and tear of country living with grace and style. This is what happens when you trust your designer. Magic.

Photo credit: Schweitzer Creative