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We spend a lot of time at home. It’s where we live, where our office is, where we’re raising our kids. I’ll admit I am a homebody and it’s my favorite place to be.

We spend a lot of time at home. It’s where we live, where our office is, where we’re raising our kids. I’ll admit I am a homebody and it’s my favorite place to be.

Not long ago we bought our 1920’s craftsman house in SE Portland because it fit us as a family.
Our dogs can run in the backyard and our kids have room to sprawl and be kids. The house has everything — space and charm and quirks and personality!

But the kitchen especially was just tired and awkward.

Tiny openings make getting in and out awkward, the old cabinets were never the highest quality to begin with, and 4 inch tiles for a countertop means a constant battle with keeping the grout clean.

We knew it was possible to open up the space, fill the kitchen with light, rearrange appliances for better flow, and replace that terrible countertop. Trying to tackle a project on this scale definitely called for a professional though.

We’d done minor renovations on our own, but this was way bigger than we could handle.

I’ll admit I did have some hesitations. Would the designer be able to match the charm of the craftsman style with a style reflective of our personalities? Would they be creative and present options we’d never have thought of ourselves? Would they be able to create something we’d actually be able to afford once construction time hit? And would they be able to make it all work for a family of 4?

I did a lot of research into design+build firms, and quickly came to the realization that I wanted to work with an independent designer first. That way we’d be able to get multiple quotes on the build once we got to that stage and help keep our budget in check.

Joel was referred to us, and we haven’t looked back!

He and his team are magical. He knows home renovations and construction, he’s a master of design, and he’s got a really great sense of style.

Even more, his first questions weren’t about the project — they were about our life and who are. It was quickly clear that he wasn’t there to talk about a kitchen, he was there to talk about the hub of our home and what we needed to make it a place we would adore being in.

By trusting him 100%, our design came out so awesomely. Out of a few small art pieces, some cups from a recent trip to Japan, and an oven mitt with the perfect shade of blue came a spectacular vision for the kitchen. It was so good we expanded his scope of work to make changes to the rest of the home as well!

And his team…they worked seamlessly together.

Now that our plans are drawn up and samples locked in, we’re moving into construction and can’t wait to transform the vision into real life.

And as expected, being able to field multiple bids for the work meant we were able to find a construction company that we were stoked to work with and fit within our budget.

If you’re thinking of doing any design work, large or small scale, get Joel and his team at Fraley + Company.

We literally cannot stop ourselves from working with him.

Our unfinished basement is next up to bat and we know it’s going to be amazing — where quality & design meets real life functionality.

Nice to meet you!

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