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We are a blended family, David and I, and this particular house was the place where we all came together and created a new space. Where we got to know each other and care for each other. It's very important to me that way — it brings a lot of joy to our lives for sure.

We spent a lot of time talking about where we would like to live because really, we have the ability to go somewhere else if we wanted to. But we both have very deep roots in Cortez and we decided this is the place we wanted to be.

It’s not a particularly big house and it’s kind of funny that we waited to do this until all the kids left home. My goal was to make our house totally livable on one level so that in the future, as we got older, we could stay here as long as possible. To make our lives a little bit easier as we aged.

Really, we were just adding a little bit of space — not making drastic changes to the house.

Getting rid of the sunken living room which was just a hazard that I absolutely hated. Also, my husband is an avid guitarist and he just kept buying more and more guitars and they were scattered everywhere. We needed to get David a music room. I couldn’t go in any room that there wasn’t a guitar sitting there.

Where we live in Montezuma County…there just aren’t a lot of designers around. Instead, many of the contractors are used to just finding out what the client wants and then going with that.

Having Joel at our fingertips was great because we definitely could be sure of having a design that was workable for what we wanted.

When the construction guys started tearing off the drywall inside, they found mold in all four walls. And when they hit the west side of the house, a structural beam that ran north and south in the house was actually rotten.

So, that was the real kicker because that could have fallen in at any point.

We were lucky in a sense.

And at that point…it made more sense financially to tear the house down than to try to fix it from the inside.

It was fairly traumatic, I can say, to tear our house down. It was the place that we all came together under one roof and that was kind of a hard thing for me to let go of. There was no question that we made the right decision though.

Joel originally thought he was doing a remodel plan, so now we had to go back to him and rebuild our entire home — thinking about this home in a fresh way. Working with him has been great. He knows what our style is and he knew what we were going for.

I’m just really impressed with what a professional he is and what great work he does.

David will have a place for all of his guitars and we will be able to live all on one floor, should we need to as we get older. And that was the main thing.

We’ve come up with a really beautiful plan and he and Nicole have worked really hard to make this be something really special.

Having Joel’s expertise on hand is just going to make our living situation so much more comfortable. He has really great suggestions and ideas that we wouldn’t have thought of on our own.

I’m very happy to know that now we will have a well-built house and more customized to our taste, which is going to be really exciting. It’s so worth it and I’ve been really impressed.

We’re just getting underway with construction, but are looking forward to when can spread out again and rebuild more memories with our family there.

That’s what life is all about, right?

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