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We are in the city of Denver, about six minutes from downtown, in a house that gives us the best of both worlds — in town so we could have a city lifestyle but not feel claustrophobic because we back up to a park that overlooks a lake, right in front of the mountains.

It is just a beautiful space, but our house is strange — people would joke around when they first saw “the compound” because it was just a rat maze.

The house is a ranch style house but it’s had additions put on to it over time. Because it is so segmented, there’s tons of different roof lines and pitches going on. There wasn’t any flow or openness. It was just like a bunch of small little boxes put together in a strange configuration.

Technically, our house faces the park side and not the street side, so when people come onto our property, they’re not even sure where to go. Do they walk all the way around the house to the park side, or do they come in this other entryway that looks like a little backdoor?

There hasn’t been a pizza delivery person who hasn’t called us from the car wondering where to go and what to do.

That needed to change, but we didn’t want to lose the majestic feel of the house or property.

We’re long time friends of Joel’s. I always knew him as a woodworker, a craftsman, before I even knew his design background. When we bought this new home, he and my husband just had so many ideas and we knew we were able to trust him.

It was really good to have Joel’s expertise and high level of taste to put those ideas all in together into one plan.

When we put all the pieces that we wanted together to make it our final dream house, it was just way too big of a chunk for us to chew off at once. Joel helped us really prioritize the luxuries we wanted, thinking about how to segment it and break it up into phases.

Trust the process, because you’re hiring someone with some creative expertise. You may have a certain idea in your mind about how things are going to be and how they’re going to look, but if you let go of the reins a little bit, you give your project more beauty and more practicality that you haven’t even thought of.

Having Joel’s masterful eye to think about those things that didn’t even occur to us was just really a relief, knowing that he was a professional who knew all the factors to consider.

Now, we have a really inviting and a natural way to get into our home.

With architectural features like a Mediterranean-looking roof and some parapet walls and arches, it has completely changed the feel of this house.

It makes more sense for our family and reflects our love for the southwestern look. We just love it.

Nice to meet you!

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