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I'm retired. I love hiking. And I moved to Portland about a decade ago. I actually rented for 15 months before I bought this house.

I’m retired. I love hiking. And I moved to Portland about a decade ago. I actually rented for 15 months before I bought this house.

I love, love, love the location of being near a lot of hiking trails and the mid-century style and layout of the house. But the house really said, “Welcome to the late sixties!”

Believe me, there was a lot of harvest gold and flame orange. The look was very outdated. More so, in terms of function, the house was very dark on the west side, which the family room and the kitchen face. I think that was the biggest impact on my quality of life.

Always having to turn on the lights in the morning, even in the summer, made my mornings a lot more dreary. I think it would have been continually kind of depressing.

Normally I’m somebody who researches a lot, but what happened was I was out of town — literally in Ohio with my car and my dog on a long trip — and I get a call from my son. There’s water everywhere downstairs. I didn’t have the time to do extensive research and just picked a firm that had a good reputation.

I lucked out because at the time (2012) Joel was a designer at that firm, and he was the one that handled my emergency remodel. I mean who re-does a laundry room? But I thought, well as long as I’m remodeling, because that was one of the places water went, even that room!

Some people think about the short-term pain of remodeling because there’s a certain amount of inconvenience about it, but I’ve found it to be so worth the gain — worth the improved lifestyle and getting more out of your home than you were prior to the remodel.

When I wanted to redo the kitchen and a couple of other projects, actually like three or four other projects around the house, I gave Joel a call and I said: “This is what I want to do and I want you to do it.” The way he handled that earlier situation made him my only choice when I wanted to make other changes to my home over time.

I kind of lucked into him, but I had no doubt about wanting to use him again.
Joel’s ideas are wonderful. He is very open and honest and I trust him a great deal. I find that when he says something I can count on it.

He’s got such an easygoing personality and he’s open to trying what you like and incorporating what you want and telling you: This is possible… this may not be possible…or this is possible, but…

Especially when it came down to some real serious decision-making. He was very available, helping me make decisions, coming up with some things that I might not have thought of, or doing things in a certain way that I might not have thought of.

Joel’s design for the kitchen and my home is just very, very cool.

On a day-in, day-out basis, really the number one thing is it’s just lighter and brighter with a much more open feel.

Nice to meet you!

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