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A family with a painfully dated 80s home and a super funky floor plan riddle to solve.

When my husband and I were living in Denver we had mainly Victorian style homes — beads and baubles and tassels and really fun stuff — and we did a lot of fix-ups. Anything with good bones.

So when we moved to Park City in 2010, we bought a house that was a total fixer upper. It had not been remodeled at all since the 80s and it was 80s…very 80s.

When we bought it we kind of bought a handful.

We did our best just to get it up to speed and as livable as we could, but it was the big projects — the house style, the structural style and stuff — that we always wanted help with.

The floor plan was just super funky, not optimizing the space or taking advantage of the views we have of the ski mountain.

We were kind of embarrassed to have people over. We’d get them in the living room, but I wouldn’t show them the rest of the house. It was painful, and I was not proud of the house.

It was not a sanctuary to go to at the end of a hard work day.

At first it was hard to commit to bringing in a third party. I think for myself it was a battle of too much money, too much time, too much effort, too much hassle, too much you know, aggravation. Too much fear. Too much anxiety about it. What if I don’t like it?

We were just so accustomed to DIY-ing it, doing it ourselves.

We got to know Fraley + Company, though, through David working with Joel in his wood shop in Denver.

We had seen the work Joel had done before — the quality and the vision. I just trusted him implicitly and believed he was looking out for our best interests. His aesthetic really, really appealed to me.

He got us.

What’s appropriate? What’s contemporary? And what represents our personality? Those three things were really tough for us to combine.

He was very consultative, but I just turned it over to him completely and said, “You’ve seen what I’m looking for and have fun.”

There was this trust in the process, and trust in the talent and expertise of Joel.

It was a relief because he solved the riddle of this house that I, even as a creative person myself, could not figure out. When it was time to do the blueprints, it was a real Tetris game to figure out. It was moving plumbing, it was opening up windows so we could have more of a view of our mountains.

Now there is that relief. I walk in and I’m like, “Ah, I love everything I see.”

That rock that I’ve been carrying around is gone. I can kind of melt into my own home. I just love it. I just feel a warmth when I’m home now, and a relief that it’s as beautiful as it is.

I feel like we can put down roots here now because it’s a space that speaks to our souls.

We’re in a Park City neighborhood that’s very family oriented, and the values just keep going up and up. What Joel has done is he’s put our home on par with some of the top tier houses in the neighborhood.

Which you know, for us, is incredible. Now we have that top tier home instead of that you know, clearly 80s home. We were always trying to fix it up, and I think we’re there now.

Joel got us there.

He really did a big lift in terms of effort and style on our home and that’s going to pay huge dividends. It already has, just emotionally, it’s so much nicer to go home.

I would do it again with Fraley + Company, for sure. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, knowing what I know now.

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