Joel Fraley

Owner/Principal Designer

Joel has always been a maker. His introduction to construction came at age fourteen when he was recruited to dig the crawl space for an addition to his parents’ Colorado home- by hand. His newly found skills evolved into a summer job throughout high school and college, inspiring him to pursue a degree in Interior Design. Throughout his thirty-year career, Joel has worked as a journeyman carpenter, a bespoke furniture maker and as a residential and commercial interior designer. His in-depth knowledge of construction combined with design expertise has given Joel a unique perspective on the entire process and has made him invaluable to clients and industry associates alike.
When not in the office, Joel is usually teaching Kung Fu at Portland Shaolin Center, surfing, snowboarding and spending time outdoors with his wife Michele and their dog Lucy.

Michele Fraley

Owner/ Director of Operations

Born into a military family, Michele moved often as a child. She learned how to adapt to change and make new friends quickly, skills that have served her well in professional life. Her motto is "work before play", instilled in her while learning to ride and take care of her neighbor's horses in Corvallis OR.
Michele earned an Economics degree from San Francisco State University and has a diverse background in sales and project management. The true "brains of the operation", she keeps the company running smoothly.
Michele enjoys traveling, running, gardening, volunteering and taking Lucy to the river.

Nicole Adair

Senior Designer

Nicole wants every kitchen to be well-lit and organized, every bathroom to be soothing at night and energizing in the morning and every floor plan to be intuitive. She loves the quirks of old homes and thrills in seeing the elements and principles of design put into practice.
Raised on the Southern shore of Lake Superior, Nicole’s design sense is informed by watery-calm contrasted by rocky shores. Growing up helping out at Dad's service garage and salvage yard, she picked up the drive to always have a project and the ingenuity to be creative with materials at hand. Her skills serve her well here at Fraley + Company.
Nicole is a mom of 2 young girls and a recent homeowner. She used to have hobbies.


Director of Security

Lucy relocated to Portland from Baja Mexico as a puppy. She keeps an eye on the place. When she’s not at work she enjoys long hikes, chasing sticks and swimming.